A North Carolina man is lucky to be alive after he witnessed the deadly Las Vegas shooting.

Lucas Bruch lives in Lenoir. He's currently in Las Vegas for work.

"I checked into the Mandalay last night, and I walked down to the strip just to look around," said Bruch. "I heard a crashing sound and about 200-300 gunshots."

Bruch says he saw a man with a gun, ran behind an SUV for protection, and quickly dialed 911.

"He was just shooting the entire time at the concert," said Bruch. "The music stopped and people started screaming."

It was a chaotic scene, Bruch says, with people running from left to right in an attempt to dodge bullets.

Officers evacuated the Mandalay Bay Hotel and the Las Vegas Strip.

Burch says he's been waiting at a gas station for hours because he cannot go back to the hotel.

"This is an awful and terrible situation," said Burch. "It's becoming hard to stomach and to know that I watched some person murder innocent people indiscriminately."

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Burch says the people of Las Vegas are coming together and providing each other with an overwhelming amount of love and support.