HATTERAS, N.C. — Neighbors in the Outerbanks are split about a new development that may be on its way to Hatteras. 

The Dare County Planning Board said they would listen to the public Monday night and create an opinion over whether or not a new property should be in Hatteras Village. 

SAGA Realty and Construction said they are working on a new project in Hatteras. The project includes a six-story hotel with a rooftop bar, shops, restaurant and an oceanfront pier.

Local Dennis Robinson said he thinks the idea would help replace destroyed hotels.

“I’m a native here to Hatteras Village. I’ve lived here for about 37 years. In 2003, hurricane Isabel came through and we lost a lot of our hotels, so the opportunity that presented itself to us is great to bring back what we’ve lost," said Robinson. "We’ve lost about 60% of our overnight accommodations."

Robinson said that a hotel means more business and jobs for everyone.

“Hatteras has really struggled and the economy could use a boost. Putting us back on this scale is really what the village needs,” said Robinson.

SAGA Construction sent the Dare County Planning Board a zoning text amendment to allow them to build the hotel six stories with a rooftop bar, but Manteo Planning Director Donna Creef said not all locals are open to the idea of a tall hotel.

“They’re not necessarily opposed to the hotel. They’re opposed to the height because they said that’s not consistent with the traditions of Hatteras Village,” said Creef.

SAGA CEO Sumit Gupta said he worked with locals over the past year to find out what they wanted.

“I’ve talked to a lot of Hatteras people, trying to get their input, and I’m personally okay if it doesn’t get approved. We want to do something that is good for the area, but if people collectively do not want [a hotel], that will be fine, too,” said Gupta.

Robinson said that even though he didn’t agree with the building being seven stories tall, he believes that the project is needed.

“This is just adding an amenity, of basically everything we’ve lost, putting it back and revitalizing Hatteras Village,” said Robinson.