GREENSBORO, N.C. -- If you're going for garment gold - look no further than the looms at Cone Denim.

"They produce that unique kind of denim."

The kind of denim that outfits the entire Team USA at the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The White Oak plant in Greensboro got the call to do the design last year.

"We had to custom design the fabric," explains Brad Johnson, manufacturing director at the plant. "Also the selvage that went into it."

Selvage being special lining on the jeans -- red white and blue, of course, for the Olympic design.

And it can only be done like that on the vintage looms at White Oak.

"You go out and you see these machines - they're just like they've been run for over a hundred years."

Almost as old as the Olympic Games themselves.

And hard working - just like the athletes.

"From that part where it actually began, and then seeing it in its final stage, that's an exciting thing to see."

So, when you think about the more than 500 athletes part of Team USA in Rio De Janiero.

Know that there's another team at this plant in Greensboro who helped make it all happen.

The blue blazers worn by Team USA were also made in North Carolina - at the Burlington Raeford Plant in Raeford and another plant in Cordova.

The uniforms were designed by Ralph Lauren.