COROLLA, N.C. — Corolla Wild Horse Fund said it made a temporary fix to a fence that keeps the wild horses safe.

In a Facebook post, the organization said they hoped the fix would give the Currituck County, North Carolina a little more time to continue working on plans to completely replace it.

The fence keeps the horses from entering onto the paved road and the more populated areas. It has been in serious disrepair for several years, according to the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.

Last spring the organization attempted a temporary fix to that section, but it only lasted about 36 hours due to the harsh conditions. A marine contractor is required to fully repair the fence on the beach. 

One horse, Raymond the mule had to be removed from the populated area because of his bad legs. The CWHF said if he’s on the soft sand, behaving normally, he can manage without lameness or pain. However, after running up and down the asphalt every night for 10 days, Raymond began to show signs that he was experiencing a laminitic episode.

Raymond is settling in at the farm, and crews are currently working on building a Raymond-proof pasture for him.

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