PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- He has millions of followers on social media and during tense times between citizens and police, he's found a way to break barriers as an officer.

Officer Tommy Norman from Arkansas is reaching people all around the world, but on Friday he shared his message in person in Portsmouth.

"It's people that some of society turns their back on, those are the people I gravitate to and try to lift up," he said.

He partnered with non-profit 'Believe Pray Overcome' to speak to the community about his beliefs and methods when it comes to having relationships with residents as an officer.

"I figured I'd bring him here to talk about how he was able to engage the community, how he has effectively community police and that way we can take that back to the table in our area," said Executive Director, Lakeesha Atkinson.

"They want to form relationships and lift people up the way I lift up people back home. It's a big honor to travel here," said Officer Norman.

Quniana Futrell has followed Officer Norman's work and has long admired his mission.

She believes in a time when there's been tension between citizens and police officers, Officer Norman has been able to break barriers.

"In the news we've seen in recent years, we've seen so many white officers killing many black men and black children, so it's important now that we see that it's not all of them. Althought we hear people say it, it's important that we see that it's not all of them," Futrell said.

Take away the social media, the lights, the applause, Officer Norman from Arkansas is a simple man with a simple mission.

"Love is so powerful yet it's so simple. Growing up I never really had a craft or trade, I wasn't really good at much but I knew how to love people and I never stopped," he said.