JAMES CITY COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- Right now in James City County, there’s a push for better and more skate parks.

Max Pfannebecker is one of the founders of The Triangle Skateboard Alliance.

The alliance is made up of a group of skaters and parents in Williamsburg raising money to improve skate parks on the peninsula and around the Historic Triangle.

“It started with 'why can't we make the rec better?' to 'let's do it ourselves,'” Pfannebecker said.

It's not just about improving skate parks.

They want to get more kids involved as well as promote skate tourism. They're now asking the community for financial support.

TSA recently teamed with James City County Parks and Recreation to adopt the James City County skate park on Longhill Road.

The plan to spruce up the property, which includes a cleanup day March 3rd. The goal is to improve and adopt more parks throughout the peninsula.

You can donate towards the organization here.