GLOUCESTER COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) – Parents in Gloucester County say bullying is a growing problem inside the schools.

Many planned to address some of their concerns during Wednesday night’s school board budget work session, however there was nobody who made any comment regarding bullying at the meeting, according to the superintendent for the school division, Dr. Walter Clemons.

Wednesday’s meeting was specific to the budget, the GHS master plan update, the K-8 writing initiative and an assessment update.

Parents are demanding more funding go towards programs to address bullying.

In addition to programs, parents want policies and procedures to change and better communication.

Kathleen Knott and Chrystal Taravelia-Pranke both say kids bully their young boys at Peasley Middle school.

“This is a community that is coming together to say we are fed up, what are you going to do for us as parents,” Knott says.

“I can't sit down and say it's okay anymore, someone has to do something and why can't it be us,” Taravelia-Pranke says.

Knott and Taravelia-Pranke started a Facebook group called “GCPS, Community Against Bullying” where parents can share stories with one another. But they're not stopping there.

“Please add more funding to be able to give our kids the resources,” Knott says. “It's got to be a better way to communicate when these children feel like they don't have a voice.”

Superintendent for the school division, Dr. Walter Clemons says the school board welcomes any parents who would like to speak about funding going towards programs to address bullying.

He also says the school board encourages parents to address their concerns, because the school division wants to do everything they can to eliminate any inappropriate behavior or bullying in the schools.

The school board will have a staff presentation on bullying at their February 13th meeting to better inform the community on how they address bullying, what is classified as bullying, what protocols are already in place & steps the school division takes in those instances.