NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — Besides a diploma, it's something else seniors look forward to holding at the end of the school year: the yearbook. 

For 64 seniors at Woodside High School, when they open their yearbooks, their pictures are missing.

Now these 64 seniors, like Destiny Levister, are voicing their concern.

“My grandmother was appalled and upset because she paid for it,” Levister said. “I put in a lot of time here and all I wanted was my photo in the yearbook.”

On top of that, students said they already had concerns about the cover of the yearbook. It shows five students and not the entire class.

“That's not an accurate representation of us as a class,” senior Kayla Caine said.

According to school officials, the school worked with two vendors -- a yearbook vendor and a portrait vendor. There was a coding error on behalf of the portrait vendor. When the portrait vendor sent the pictures or files over to the yearbook vendor, 64 of them never made it over.

“Not to see us represented is sad,” Caine said.

School officials did not say who the portrait vendor was. They said both vendors are working to print an insert that students can insert in their yearbook. Students whose photos were excluded can also request a refund.

Levister said it just won't be the same, but they hope by making their voices heard, they prevent this from happening to students in the future.

“None of my friends will ever have my picture in their yearbooks,” Levister said.

Senior Director, Corporate Communications for Shutterfly, Inc. Sondra Harding sent 13News Now a statement which said:

Lifetouch cares deeply about capturing milestone moments for students, and we’re equally disappointed to hear about the omission of senior portraits in the Woodside High School yearbook.  We are looking into this issue and will work closely with the school on the resolution.