NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — It caused quite the scare for drivers in Newport News.

Part of the concrete under the I-664 bridge over 39th Street and Marshall Avenue is crumbling before drivers’ eyes.

Arthur “Buster” Manley said he's noticed it for quite a while.

“I look at it every time I go under,” Manley said. “I look to see if the cracks got any larger or not.”

However, VDOT said Monday that the damage underneath 664 doesn’t pose any imminent danger to drivers.

VDOT said the area that needs repair is part of the slope protection and its aware of the slope protection repair work needed. Right now, they are developing a repair plan and coordinating the work. Officials said drivers can still safely use the bridge without concern.

A VDOT spokesperson also said the area of the damaged slope protection does not aid in supporting the interstate above.

Christopher Shaw wants to know if the project is high on VDOTs priority list.

“It's concerning because it could be a life-threatening situation,” Shaw said. “I have grandchildren and sometimes they're in the car so it's going to always be an issue. Maybe they should pause on these roads and focus on this which is more threatening and serious.”

Manley agreed. He's lived behind 664 for many years and said he believes it can only get worse. He just hopes VDOT moves fast.

“Thousands of cars drive under it, be here at 3:30 and watch the traffic,” Manley said.