NEWPORT NEWS, Va. — VDOT and city crews are already treating the roads ahead of the wintry mix expected this weekend in Hampton Roads.

VDOT started getting ready for this weekend on Thursday. They pre-treated the interstates and main roads in Newport News, Hampton and Williamsburg.

Sue Fadala said she's not too sure what to expect.

“I've been watching the news for a week or so and I am like they don't know what we're getting,” Fudala said. “I hope we don't get lots of ice because we missed church in December.”

The uncertainty of this system is forcing some people to cancel weekend plans, like Ryan Alexander.

“I’m staying here this weekend instead of going North,” Alexander said.

Fudala said it doesn’t matter what the weekend weather brings, snow, mix or rain. She said bring it on.

“I got my 4-wheel drive I'm ready to roll,” Fudala said.

In Newport News, crews pretreated Priority 1 (hills, bridges, overpasses, underpasses) and Priority 2 (arterial and major collector streets) routes Friday in all three zones in accordance with their Snow Removal Plan.

They have three anti-icing units out now and have mounted nine sand/salt spreaders for use as needed this weekend. Public Works Street Maintenance crews will start 12-hour shifts Saturday at 7 p.m. with about 14 people on each shift. They have 10,000 gallons of brine on hand as well as 4,000 tons of sand and salt combined.

Forecasts indicate the potential for Newport News to get a little bit of wintry mix Saturday night and Sunday, so they want to be prepared and try to prevent ice from forming on the roads.

Hampton’s Public Works Department has staff on alert and is prepared to call in workers as needed. The city has 2,400 tons of salt available, 28 trucks and four loaders ready to be used.

The city also has 10,000 gallons of brine available. They don’t plan on using brine unless it’s clear that snow or sleet - and not rain - is in the forecast. If we get rain it will simply wash away the brine.

While VDOT does maintain the interstates in these municipalities, the cities of Newport News and Hampton maintain and plow their own roadways. The City of Williamsburg is responsible for maintenance and snow removal on city streets, except for the segment of Route 321 Monticello Avenue in the city, from Ironbound Road to Treyburn Road, that is maintained by VDOT.

For state-maintained roads on the Peninsula, VDOT pre-treated interstate, primary and some major secondary routes with brine Thursday and completed this operation around mid-day Friday. The VDOT Area Headquarters are making final preparations to equipment, and a staffing plan is in place focusing on treating and pushing snow from the interstate, primary and major secondary routes as the snow storm pushes through Saturday through Monday.