YORKTOWN — A couple of landfills and a power plant were the topic of discussion in Yorktown Thursday.

Next year, Dominion Energy plans to shut down both coal-fired units at the Yorktown Power Station. For decades that coal ash has been deposited in two nearby landfills, the Chisman Creek Superfund site, and the Yorktown Landfill.

Concerned citizen Randi Trestrail wants to know what it all means for the homeowners living among these landfills.

“So we’re concerned about the ongoing groundwater contamination at the Chisman Superfund site, and whether there are potentially harmful effects to people as well as the environment and the waterways,” said Trestrail.

Dominion Energy walked residents through the coal ash disposal process, explaining step by step how the ash is buried under protective liner and soil.

“We are here to answer residents’ questions if they are concerned about this facility because they live here, we want them to know what we are doing here is safe,” said Rob Richardson of Dominion Energy.

The Department of Environmental Quality was also at the meeting.

“People’s health, this is not a concern that we have, coal ash has been determined by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a solid waste,” said Ann Regn of DEQ.

Dominion Energy said tests are constantly being done to make sure no toxins are leaking out. Residents said that’s all well and good for now, but what about years down the road, what about their grandchildren’s health.

“I don’t trust the existence of these sites over time. I don’t think there is adequate protection for the long term,” said resident Jacques Van Montfrans.

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