HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) -- It's been a tough summer for a pizza shop owner in Hampton.

For 6 years, "Heavens Pizza and Tap House" has been a gathering spot for neighbors and visitors in the Buckroe Beach area.

But last week, it became a target to thieves.

"They used a brick on the front window," said Brian Heavens, the owner. "They obviously must've been in here before because they knew exactly where our register was and they were in and out in 30 to 45 seconds."

Heavens said this is the first time the restaurant has been broken into, but it's possibly the last straw for him.

After a slow summer surrounded by construction, business was hard to come by.

"This was kind of the last incident, one in a challenging line of events and we're contemplating what's best for us," said Heavens.

He's not sure when they'll close, or if.

"We're definitely here through the winter time. I just cant pack up shop and go anywhere right this minute but I am actively exploring possibilities," said Heavens.

But even if he does, this neighborhood shop says the people are in good hands. Police are doing their work and the city is working to keep the area safe.

"This is where I got my first start. I think the community needs more and I think the community deserves more opportunity and more places," said Heavens.