NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) -- Smashed windows and missing items.

That's what gym customers have dealt with at the One Life Fitness on City Center Boulevard in Newport News.

Police say they're investigating multiple car larcenies at the business. The problem has gotten so bad the gym posted a sign, warning customers to be careful.

Investigators say thieves targeted three cars during the middle of the day Wednesday. Police say a woman and three men got inside the cars by smashing the windows.

They stole purses containing money and ID’s.

Shanika Rodanhisler was inside while the criminals broke into cars.

“It's just scary,” Rodanhisler says. “That's shocking they would be bold to do that in daylight.”

Rodanhisler says even more frightening is that she usually has her son with her at the gym.

“It would be scarier if I came out with my kid and they were in the middle of breaking in my car,” Rodanhisler says.

As police search for the people responsible, Rodanhisler like many others, is on high alert.

Surveillance video of the area showed a Black Ford Explorer with the one female and two males. The video footage is not yet available.

The investigation is ongoing.