NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Tenants at the Royal Mace Apartments have good news. The part needed to repair the gas leak is on its way.

Management told us it could arrive as early as tomorrow afternoon. As for now, more than 120 residents are still left in the cold.

Some residents like Brantley Walker have lived at Royal Mace for 29 years.

"It’s like we're living back in 1930's when I was born," said Walker.

Since Monday the gas has been off due to a leak. That means no hot water, no heat, and no way to cook food.

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"This has been a week now, we’re sitting here no heat just doesn’t make any sense," said Walker.

Management said HVAC Company Cox Powell has been at the apartments since Tuesday to restore gas to the building.

"I understand it’s hard. It’s really not any one particular fault, but I see you as a management company who cares about your residence should really step up," said resident Tasha Locklear.

Now residents are asking for compensation for this difficult time. "I feel like a homeless person," said Nikia Moree.

Walker said he just wants to know when this situation will turn around. He said, "I mean, this is ridiculous. In this day and age, to go this long but not with it."

In the meantime, neighbors are coming together to support each other.

People living here showed us an email management sent out to residents.

It read that it's possible someone 'intentionally messed with the gas line.'

Management said they are still thoroughly looking into what exactly happened.