NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Federal investigators said a local sailor sent naked pictures and lewd video of himself to an agent he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Chief Aviation Structural Mechanic Scott Lee Penny is also accused of asking the agent to send him explicit pictures of herself.

Court documents state that Penny, 31, and the Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, who was working in an undercover capacity in Laredo, Tx., began communicating with each other in March. Investigators said Penny used the screen name "Mike Smith" to contact the undercover agent on the social networking app KIK. The KIK account, itself, was named "girthforu69."

The same documents list an explicit exchange between Smith, later identified as Penny, and the agent. In much of the conversation, Penny discusses performing sexual acts on himself and the "13-year-old."

PENNY - Any knew pics for me
U/C -1 took this one this morning
PENNY - Let me see

U/C - (sent face image)
PENNY-So sexy
PENNY - (Sent a topless selfie image in a mirror)
PENNY - You never showed me the one in a sports bra
U/C -1 don't want to take one like that
PENNY - ok
PENNY - I'll just have to imagine (winking emoticon)
U/C - Yea
PENNY - Do you mind
U/C - Mind what?
PENNY - Me imagining what you look like
U/C -1 like that
PENNY - Mmmm

During the course of conversation, the exchange shows Penny acknowledging it was not his first time soliciting images from children.

U/C - Girls my age actually send naked photos?


PENNY - Right before I started talking to you I was talking to a 14 yo, she sent lots ofpics

U/C - No way!

U/C -1 don't believe it

PENNY-Oh yeah
PENNY - She was not shy at all

U/C-No way!

PENNY - She definitely liked to playand show offher body
U/C - I don't believe you

PENNY - Ok, you don't have to. It doesn't mean it's not true. I have no reason to lie
PENNY - I'm so homy baby

U/C - Yea?
PENNY-Yes U/C - (blushing emoticon)

Agents traced the "girthforu69" KIK account to several IP addresses, including one in Penny's wife's name at the couple's home in Virginia Beach.

Local NCIS agents were contacted to apprehend Penny.

He is charged with "coercion and enticement," which caries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison.

At an arraignment and detention hearing Tuesday, defense attorney Scott Hallauer argued that because his client has given up access to the Internet and surrendered his firearms, that he should be entitled to bond. But the magistrate judge did not buy it, and ordered that Penny be detained without bond. No further court date was announced.

Hallauer said he could not comment about the case. But when asked if it will be a challenge, he said, "I think so."