VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Several local politicians say President Donald Trump's proposal to expand offshore drilling could put our coastlines at risk.

Among them is Senator Tim Kaine. He'll be at the Oceanfront this morning to discuss the issue with local leaders.

The Democratic Senator argues the drilling will pose a threat to the environment, and also to tourism and the Navy.

So why Florida, and not us? That's the question Kaine raised immediately to the Trump Administration when it decided to exempt the state from the offshore drilling plan.

But it's Republicans and Democrats alike who are pushing back and turning up the volume on a collective local voice saying, "Not off our coast."

And it's for a number of reasons, coming from the Navy to NASA. Wallops worries the offshore activity could threaten its competitive edge.

The next step, according to Kaine, is a Virginia congressional delegation letter to the administration asking for a pass.

"I've heard loud and clear from citizens in Hampton Roads, from local government in Hampton Roads, from tourism to the military," said Kaine.

Republican Representative Scott Taylor is also speaking up about how offshore drilling could interfere in the military's ability to train.

The event with Senator Kane will be held at at the Hilton beginning at 9:30 Monday morning.