VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Members of Virginia Beach City Council are continuing to discuss regulations of short-term rentals in the Resort City.

In a city council workshop Tuesday, members discussed the impacts of possible regulations, like limiting the number of people who stay on a property, parking requirements, and noise control.

Sandbridge homeowner Bob Bell said homeowners have invested a lot of money in their properties, and if the city intervenes, it’s overstepping.

“For the city to say that you can only have a certain amount of people in each bedroom you know I think is ridiculous,” said Bell. “Each situation is different.”

Bell has rented out his home for the past five years. He said the extra income helped him retire, and it continues to provide a revenue stream for his family.

“I really feel that the majority of the people really understand that this is the way Sandbridge is, and this is how people have been and let’s hope that they can keep it that way,” said Bell.

However, there is a group of homeowners that feel short-term rentals negatively impact their neighborhoods, as said in a March city council meeting.

“I believe the health, safety, and welfare of our residential neighborhoods in Virginia Beach has been overlooked,” said another resident.

“For God sakes, I don’t think any of you want one of these across the street from your house so why would you not protect the rest of us,” said another resident.

Bell said that group is a small minority and that if the city gets involved, it will ultimately hurt homeowners.

“I will lose the number of people that can stay in my houses which means less revenues less income,” said Bell.

In a Facebook post, Councilman John Moss said he doesn’t expect the council to come to a decision before the end of August.

City Council will have a public hearing on short-term rentals June 5.

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