CHESAPEAKE, Va. — The government shutdown continues and communities across the nation are working to help federal employees affected. But what if you are affected by the shutdown and don’t have a federal ID?

Tamara Shipp said she doesn’t have a federal ID, but she’s a government contractor and has been for the last 30 years. If the government isn’t working, neither is Shipp.

"I'm already in the hole, and there is nothing in the budget for food, nothing in the budget for gas and for my husband to get to work," she said

Shipp said she loves her job, but now since she isn't working due to the shutdown, she said she feels worthless.

"It's a very demoralizing position to be in. We both work really hard, but we live paycheck-to-paycheck just like most Americans do,” explained Shipp.

Shipp said she won’t receive back pay once the government reopens and she doesn’t know where her next paycheck will come from.

She explained, "We are getting to the point where we are going to have to start calling our creditors and seeing if we can work something out with them."

It’s to the point that her husband needs to go to the doctor but doesn’t want to because there’s a $50 copay. She said they are saving every penny.

"There's a birthday party for my daughter this weekend and it's 200 miles away. Normally I would be there. I wouldn't think of not being there. I can't go. I cannot afford the gas and I’m afraid to spend money on anything."

Shipp hopes the government shutdown ends now!

"I'm willing to work," she said. "I want to work. Just let me work."