CHESAPEAKE, Va (WVEC) – When two snow storms hit Hampton Roads in a month, one a blizzard, there’s a big effect on the economy.

It’s a $20 million loss it retail sales, according to Old Dominion University Economics professor, Robert McNab.

Some, if not most, falls on the backs of small businesses.

"During a snowstorm, people stay at home and don't spend money,” he said.

Heavy snow also means shops close or workers can’t make it in, affecting income.

"Those people who work an hourly job will see a smaller paycheck because of it," said McNab.

At Xanadu Salon in Chesapeake, some of their stylists have had their paychecks cut in half because of declining customers.

"A lot of our daytime appointments are moms who are coming when their kids are in school…and their kids aren't in school.” said Brooke Lewis, front desk manager.

"We're over [the snow]. Definitely over it,” she said.

McNab says many people have taken off time, many parents, to take care of children. While salaried workers won’t lose money, they’re sacrificing vacation days.

That could mean fewer Summer days spending money at the beach.

"We'll see a trickledown effect throughout the year perhaps in Virginia Beach with declining tourism numbers, but really because it's been such a small event at the beginning of the year, it probably won't have that much of an impact,” he said.

McNab expects people to overspend when temperatures warm up, which could close the deficit.

We’ll most likely maintain a $5 million loss when it’s all said and done, according to McNab.