NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) — You may have noticed a long line wrapped around 21st street in Norfolk Friday.

More than 100 people, some of them arriving Thursday night, stood in line for an exclusive pair of sneakers released at Crème, an apparel shop known for limited-edition shoe releases.

“Some look at it like a shoe, some look at them as an opportunity,” said Robert McRae, who managed to buy a pair before they all sold out.

“If you can take $150 and turn it into $300 in a matter of minutes why not?” said McRae.

sneaker 2_1533925083544.png.jpg

The shoe released on Friday is a version of Nike’s Air Force 1 designed for rapper Travis Scott.

McRae said limited edition sneakers can return more than a 700 percent profit, depending on the release.

He showed 13News Now a pair of Adidas sneakers designed by Pharrell Williams and his group N.E.R.D that now sell online on sites like eBay for more than $2,000.

“Original price was $250,” said McRae.