VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- For the second time this month, Virginia Department of Transportation officials are preparing for winter weather.

Here in Hampton Roads, we will probably only see light snowfall on Wednesday, but some parts of the state could get several inches.

This, as the last storm ate though millions of money budgeted for snow removal.

While VDOT still has plenty of supplies and materials, the district's $5.3 million snow removal budget was depleted.

That money is a part of the overall maintenance budget.

"We saw a lot of snow in this last storm. So while we depleted the amount budgeted, we can still tap into other portions of our maintenance budget," said Paula Miller, VDOT spokeswoman.

Examples of items also under maintenance include grass cutting, litter pick up and pothole repairs.

If need be, VDOT can also tap into money allocated to other districts within the Commonwealth.

"Of the nine different VDOT districts we actually have the smallest amount of snow removal budget because we don't see the levels of snow that other districts do," she said.

Virginia leaders budgeted $218 million for snow removal.

"Safety is paramount to us, and clearing the roads, so we'll spare no expense," Miller added.

Crews spent Monday laying down a brine solution to prevent a bond from forming between icy precipitation and the roadway.

VDOT says they will be ready to start plowing as soon as any snow starts accumulating.