YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- Fed up with speeding, a York County community pushed for a new speed limit on a busy road.

People who live along Dare Road, between Route 17 and Link Road, asked their county supervisor to ask VDOT to lower the speed limit.

After conducting a study in July, VDOT made the stretch a 40-mph zone.

Homeowners say they feel safer now, and they’re also filled with a sense of accomplishment.

Amy Williams has lived on Dare Road 19 years. She says speed is always a concern, especially in front of her house, because that's where many of the kids' bus stop is.

“Sometimes drivers don't pay attention to bus and I fear one day they may hit my kids or the other kids,” Williams says.

Williams and others came together asking for a change. Jeff Wassmer with the board of supervisors says he and the sheriff brought those concerns to VDOT.

“When they come together and express their concern, they know what’s best out here so it's our job to champion their causes and concerns to bring change and it worked,” Wassmer says.

Based on VDOT’s study, they changed the speed limit on Dare Road to a uniform speed limit of 40-mph between Route 17 and Link Road, as opposed to three different speed zones-- 35, 45 and then 35 mph.

According to VDOT, this would provide the best balance between mobility and safety for this road.

Right now, VDOT has two active speeds studies in York County, one on Hampton Highway south of Victory and one on Kiln Creek Parkway. The results of both are currently in process.

Williams is thrilled to be part of a positive change in her community.

“Our children can't advocate for themselves so we had to advocate or our kids,” Williams says.