VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- Students at Indian Lakes Elementary School in Virginia Beach are building on their fitness thanks to the school’s P.E. Specialist Jimmy Grassano.

On Thursday, the school participated in Stack Up! 2017, a group attempt to break a Guinness World Record that swept across the globe.

“Our students come in and we have stations set up for them,” said Grassano. “Doing different stations that incorporate fitness, some of the stations incorporate a little bit of fun where they’re building up towers.”

Along with speed stacking contests, there were stations where students used their upper-body strength to roll on scooters into cup towers, and the “Empire State Stack,” to see how high they could build.

Grassano emphasizes the focus on teamwork “they’re sharing the cups, they’re working together, they’re helping each other out by providing feedback.”

The unique approach to teaching shows why Grassano is a favorite amongst the Indian Lakes students.

“If Jimmy told the kids to watch paint dry, they would do it,” said Assistant Principal Krista Clark.

“I just love how the students come here and they’re excited about what we’re teaching them. Each day it’s something new, we’re teaching them the skills to be successful, and to really instill that lifelong fitness with them and they’re learning and when they leave you can just tell that they learned something,” Grassano said.

The goal for this year is 635,000 worldwide stackers to break last year’s record of 622,809. Results are still coming in on the official Stack Up! website, where participants self-report on an honor system.