(WVEC) -- The new truck reservation system at the Port of Virginia allows truckers to schedule when they're coming to the port.

The system is open between 5 and 7 a.m. online. Port officials said the average time for a truck to get in and out is an hour; however, with the new program, it only takes 20 minutes.

John Reinhart CEO of the Port of Virginia said, “I like to see the trucks go by, you know you don’t want to see them stop.”

He said steady flow is vital to the program.

"We’re in the middle of a $700 million construction program, so we’re expanding our capacity here at NIT,” said Reinhart.

Norfolk International Terminals is set to add a million-container capacity in the next couple years.

“So that’s 600 thousand more gate transactions that will be going in through here. So, we have to build this kind of capacity to be fluid,” said Reinhart.

The program is set to expand going into the future and is expected to generate more business for Virginia.

"Because in those first two hours you have to have a reservation here and we’ll just continue to evolve across our other facilities, and the hours of the day as we go,” said Reinhart,