NORFOLK, Va. (WVEC) --- Two-year-old Jagdterrier “Puskos” isn’t what you would expect for a drug-sniffing dog.

“Everybody asks if he’s really a military working dog,” said Puskos’ handler, Master at Arms Second Class Jordyn Japec.

Puskos weighs just 15 pounds, but don’t let his size fool you.

Right now, he is in training to become the Navy’s next narcotics detector.

And that’s why his small size is an advantage.

Quarters are typically tight in submarines and naval ships.

“For a normal dog it’s rough for them to move around,” said Japec/

Handlers currently carry dogs weighing up to 90 pounds up the narrow flights of stairs in most vessels. But with Pusko, it’s a light haul to get the job done.

Japec says his partner also likes to work and has enough energy to keep up with the bigger dogs.

“His nose is extremely good,” said Japec. “He keeps up with all the other dogs that are five times as big.”