VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. — After 10 days on site, FBI Norfolk and supporting FBI agents finished their investigation of Building 2 on Monday.

Investigators completed a full 3D scan of the building that can be used to reconstruct the crime scene remotely. They also finished their "evidence recovery" operation at the site of the mass shooting that killed 12 people and injured four others.

FBI Norfolk special agent in charge Martin Culbreth said the crime scene was complex, so investigators took a full 10 days to process the building.

“Every scene is different," Culbreth said. "Whether it’s the scene in Las Vegas where everyone is in one location or a scene like here where there are people in multiple locations throughout the building - which makes it difficult."

The FBI teams were assisting the Virginia Beach Police Department with its investigation. The Virginia Beach Police Department remains on site and Building 2 is still surrounded by police tape.

A VBPD spokeswoman wrote Monday that the investigation is still underway, noting the "magnitude is expansive" and it will "take time to sort everything out."

Culbreth praised the collaboration with VBPD in an interview during the investigation.

“They’re great partners, this partnership we’ve had with Chief Cervera and the rest of the Virginia Beach Police Department has been phenomenal for years and we’re just happy we’re able to assist them in the matter," he said. 

City of Virginia Beach employees opened up more parking spaces around Building 2 Monday morning, a sign of the investigation shrinking in scope even without an end date in sight.

The future of the building is unknown. City employees do not currently have to return to work at the building, so law enforcement officers said there's no rush to wrap up the investigation. Culbreth said it's best to take time and be thorough. 

“It’s what would be expected for the dignity of the victims involved here," Culbreth said. "This is how they are going to be remembered and we want to do what we can for them."