NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WVEC) --- Old YouTube videos show bands like Oingo Boingo, NOFX and The Violent Femmes all playing at the original Boathouse in Norfolk.

Lost videos would show even bigger artists like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jay-Z gracing the stage at one point.

Many of those bands and artists have gone on to reach fame and fortune while the Boathouse was left behind, withering away.

In 2003, it was left barely standing after Hurricane Isabel, and then years later it was bulldozed completely.

“It’s sad but things happen,” said Newport News restaurateur Sean Pepe. “But we’re going to create some new memories here.”

The “here” Pepe is referring to is the old Toby Keith’s bar in Newport News.

The vacant City Center venue will re-open as Boathouse Live, a tribute to former concert venue Pepe frequented decades ago.

“It’s a passion project,” said Pepe.

Boathouse Live is expected to open by the end of November, and Pepe says people can expect to see live shows two to three times a week.

The venue can hold around 1,000 concert goers.