PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVEC) -- Cargo truck drivers are protesting against lost wages at the Port of Virginia.

Drivers say it can take up to 5 hours to pick up their cargo and they are not compensated for that time. They want the Port to cut down on wait times.

Drivers tell 13News Now that long wait times cut into their drive time and wallets. "If I had made three trips, in and out, that's 75 dollars each way. So sitting here all day for one box cuts out all the other trips," said one driver.

CEO John Reinhart says the board recognizes there is a congestion issue.To help, Reinhart said they implemented truck reservation times at Norfolk International Terminals. He said they plan on rolling that out at the Virginia International Gateway by this summer.

"We're listening to their specific ideas, and we'll continue to act on the things that we can do to make it more efficient here," he said.

He says they are ordering 800 new chassis that should come around summertime. But in the meantime, he says they are hiring additional staff. Employees have been instructed to speak with drivers who have waited more than two hours.

He said they've also extended the hours during the week from 12 to 21.

Truck drivers say they are going to continue to monitor wait times and see if what the port says its doing will make a difference. Drivers also want the board to take an unannounced visit to port facilities guided by truck drivers, for more one-on-one time.