SUFFOLK, Va. (WVEC) -- Nature is a reason why people live in Suffolk’s Burbage Grant neighborhood.

“From red foxes running down the road to raccoons and all types of birds,” said neighbor Jennifer McCusker.

None of those animals are the reason we came to Jennifer McCusker’s home Wednesday.

Tuesday afternoon, she witnessed not one, but two Bald Eagles crash to the ground near her garage.

“They were interlocked with each other, swirling through the air then hit the ground,” said McCusker.

PHOTOS: Bald Eagles land in Suffolk woman's front yard

She was one of the only neighbors outside when it happened.

She was worried people wouldn't’t believe it happened, so she managed to capture five pictures of the eagles just feet away from her house.

“I wasn’t sure if it was something I was actually witnessing,” said McCusker.

The two eagles eventually separated and flew away before Animal Control arrived.

We contacted Ed Clark, one of the country’s leading wildlife experts at the Wildlife Center of Virginia in Waynesboro.

He believes the eagles were doing one of two things.

“It could be a mating ritual that got out of hand,” said Clark in an email to 13News Now. “It is normal for a mated pair to clench feet in mid-air and essentially ‘fall’ in love again.”

While this is the time of year the Bald Eagle starts nesting, Clark believes it’s more likely that the birds were fighting.

“That these two adults were competing for a nest site,” Clark wrote. “Or perhaps even an existing nest.”

Either way, it was a rare encounter for Jennifer McCusker.

“Something you never see,” said McCusker. “It was special.”