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President Biden expected to sign Vanessa Guillen legislation soon, family says

It’s been a year and a half since her murder at Fort Hood. The National Defense Authorization Act could be signed as early as Friday, her family said.

The family of Vanessa Guillen said they are expecting President Biden to sign the legislation in her honor as early as Friday.

It’s been a year and a half since her murder at Fort Hood.

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For her family here in Houston, this change in the law has been their mission.

“Vanessa to me, she was and she continues to be my little sister, my best friend, everything, we grew up together," said Mayra Guillen, her sister.

The name Vanessa Guillen became a rallying cry across the country, but to Mayra, she will always be her sister. A sister she was determined to fight for after her April 2020 murder at Fort Hood. The Guillen family has always said Vanessa told them she was sexually harassed, but never reported it because she was in fear of retaliation.

“I couldn’t stand seeing that nothing was going to get done, so that’s basically what drove me to keep working," said Mayra.

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Working for the “I am Vanessa Guillen Bill,” that’s included in the National Defense Authorization Act that passed Congress.

It takes away the military’s authority to prosecute sexual assault and harassment cases. Instead, creating an independent investigation separate from the chain of command.

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“I applaud Mayra’s commitment, not just to Vanessa, her legacy and her family but to our country because she changed something that was historically impossible," said Natalie Khawam, the Guillen Family's attorney.

“It’s hard to believe, honestly, I never saw myself doing this but it only shows what the love of a sister can do," said Mayra.

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