Are furloughed government contractors eligible for unemployment during the government shutdown? 

As the government shutdown continues, maybe you've heard people asking how furloughed federal workers are making ends meet. Can those furloughed government employees and contractors apply for unemployment?

William Walton the Unemployment Insurance Director with the Virginia Employment Commission said yes. He said those, furloughed would be eligible to collect an unemployment check.

“Anyone that is not working can file a claim for unemployment insurance. Whether they are a federal contractor or a federal employee and out of work due to the furlough. In Virginia, the law requires that all recipients of unemployment insurance receive a one week waiting period before benefits can actually be paid,” said Walton.

While Walton confirmed that furloughed government employees and contractors can apply for unemployment, if you receive back pay from your employer when the government reopens you'll have to pay the money back from those unemployment checks. 

So far, Walton said there have been 225 verified unemployment claims with strong indications there are more in the process.