Does the iPhone Emergency SOS really work?


Yes, but you need the latest IOS feature.


Apple Support


Facebook is full of warnings, tips and tricks that claim following it can save your life in a dangerous situation. So our Verify team is here to help you figure out which ones are real and fake.

Over the last couple of months people have been spreading this warning post on Facebook and Twitter that says if you're in an unsafe situation, press the lock button 5 times and you’ll get an emergency SOS screen that pops up and you swipe to open it, your phone’s GPS will send a ping to the nearest police station, sending an officer to your location.

So is this a real SOS or just BS? WUSA9 Verify researchers went straight to Apple for this one, here’s the low down.

Yes, you can make the emergency call for help on your iPhone and there’s more—when you finish making a call with SOS your phone will alert your emergency contacts with a text of your current location UNLESS you opt out.

But here’s the catch, you need to have the latest software update of IOS 11 to have the SOS feature AND it works differently depending on which iPhone series you have.

If you got the iPhone X, 8 or 8 plus—to get the feature to work press the side button and one of the Volume buttons until the Emergency SOS screen appears, if you got an older version like the iPhone 7 or earlier, press the side button five times.

Keep in mind that if that if you have an iPhone model older than a 5s, you need to upgrade to the latest IOS 11 feature won’t be accessible on those older models.

Got an Apple watch? If you make a call with SOS, the watch instantly calls the local emergency number but your iPhone needs to be nearby if not the watch needs to be connected to Wi-Fi network—just hold the side button on your watch until you get the SOS while continuing to hold the side button, wait for the countdown to start and then an alert sounds off.

So yes, this PSA warning post is true-- the iPhone SOS feature is real and can be a life saver but only if you have the IOS 11 operating system.