Video real showing Walmart throwing away carts of food?


Yes, an Ohio did this due to a 14-hour power outage that left food not safe to consume.


Walmart Celina, Mercer County Health District, USDA


A man Gary Ahrns posted a Facebook live video on November 6 that shows numerous carts filled with groceries outside of a Walmart store in Celina, Ohio with what he claims is the company just wasting food.

Viewer Elaine Dowty from Lorton, Virginia contacted the Verify team to confirm if the video is real if there was an alternative to throwing it away.

Walmart Celina released a statement on November 13 saying yes, food was being thrown away – but with good reason.

The National Weather Service confirmed the 120 miles per hour wind tornado that left 8 people injured on November 5.

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Confirmed tornado in western Mercer County. EF2, 120 mph, 8 mile length, originating in Indiana. #INwx #ohwx

— NWS Wilmington OH (@NWSILN) November 6, 2017

Don't just take the store's word for it, The Mercer County Ohio Health District backed them up saying "after 4 hours above 41 degrees" the food was unfit for anyone to eat, which is why it also could not be donated as alternative option to throwing out the groceries. In the video Gary mentioned the wasted ham that could have been saved but according to U.S. Department of Agriculture food safety guidelines, canned hams labeled “Keep Refrigerated” should be discarded if loss of power occurs for more than two hours above 40 degrees.