A photo of a pink dolphin spotted in a Louisiana waterway is making its rounds on social media. But is it real?

Bridget Boudreax says she captured the image of the dolphin while she and her husband were on a boat from Lake Charles to Hackberry. Boudreax says she saw the dolphin jump about 20 feet from their boat.

Caught on Camera: Pink dolphin playing in Louisiana ship channel

Our Verify Team decided to take a closer look to determine if pink dolphins actually exist, and here's what we found:

  • According to Captain Erik Rue, a southwest Louisiana fishing and hunting guide, he's spotted the pink dolphin about 10 years ago when it was a baby.
  • Rue says people are more likely to spot these dolphins when the water gets clearer in the summertime.
  • According to Dagmar Fertl, a marine mammal biologist, pink dolphins lack the pigment "melanin" which is what gives your hair, skin and eyes color.
  • Fertl says it's likely an albino, but this can't be proven without genetic testing.
  • This kind of condition has been reported in 21 species of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

In conclusion, we can verify that the picture of this pink dolphin is real.

VERIFY: Sources

Bridget Boudreaux

Captain Erik Rue with Calcasieu's Charter Service

Dagmar Fertl, a marine mammal biologist