VIRGINIA BEACH, Va (WVEC) – Two parents want the public's help in getting cameras installed on city school buses.

David Sanders and his wife Sara have been filming stop arm violations outside their home since September.

"We have at least 10 videos that we have shot ourselves," said Sara. "The [children] are literally playing a live virtual game of Frogger crossing the street.”

The couple has taken the videos to civic league meetings and contacted school board members.
“We want to petition in the future for stop arm cameras here in Virginia Beach," Sara said.

The couple told 13News Now that city officials told them the need more evidence compiled before making a case.

Here are the laws when it comes to passing school buses:

  • If it's a two-way street with no median, cars on both sides have to stop when the stop arm is out and lights are flashing.
  • If it's a highway divided by left turn lanes, cars on both sides of the road have to stop for the bus.
  • The only time you can keep driving when a school bus near you is stopped -- is if you're going the opposite direction, and there's a physical median separating you from the bus lane.

The Sanders say that’s not happening near on their street and they have reason to believe it’s happening elsewhere.

"We need as many people as possible to send us the footage of their video," said Sara.

The point is to make a stronger case when presenting the petition to school board members.

"Can the city and the schools work together on this to be more cost effective?" said school board member, Carolyn Weems. "It's pretty bad what's happening, so I'll follow it through and if we need to look at it in the budget."

Weems said she has contacted the schools Superintendent about the issue and plans to bring up it up at the next school board meeting.

Meanwhile, the Sanders ask anyone to safely film and send the videos to

“We can't do it alone,” Sara explained.