VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (WVEC) -- After Virginia Beach Public Schools announced schools would be released three hours early Wednesday, some kids saw it as opportunity.

1st grader Zoey Wilcox said she couldn't wait to get home, play games and "watch electronics."

"I don't like the cold weather but I like the snow," said Wilcox. "Because you get to play in it and make snow angels but I need help getting up because I don't know how to get up by myself."

In the past two weeks, Virginia Beach Public Schools has canceled six school days. Some parents were grateful for the decision, but were unsure about potential future cancellations.

“I am ready for it to warm up and for school to be back, just like scheduling is important … consistency,” said parent Lydia Burke. “It hasn't been consistent.”

Superintendent Aaron Spence said that deciding to close schools or even dismiss early is an incredibly difficult decision that is not taken lightly.

“We’re always paying careful attention to the weather and the timing can be really difficult but we want to make sure first and foremost that safety is top priority,” said Spence.