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Bellamy Gamboa's sister offers support to Cynthia Carver's family after governor proclaims 'Bellamy Day'

Charisse Gamboa said her family knows all too well the heartbreak that Cynthia Carver's may be facing.

NORFOLK, Va. — It's been nearly a week since Cynthia Carver went missing in Southampton County and so far, there have been no signs of her anywhere as investigators continue looking for her.

The last known person to see the mother of two was her best friend, Sherita Sledge.

"She's a very sweet person and she'll give you the clothes off her back," Sledge told 13News Now.

Police found blood and a knife at Carver's home, but her phone and purse were gone. Friends and family continue looking for Carver.

While they do, another family is encouraging them to stay strong and keep searching.

Charisse Gamboa, the sister of Bellamy Gamboa, the mother from Virginia Beach who disappeared last July and still hasn't been found, said she wants Carver's family to stay strong.

Bellamy's ex-boyfriend, Lamont Johnson, confessed to killing her even though her body is still missing.

"Just hang in there and don't give up. Think about her children and it could be exhausting so stay healthy yourself, get sleep, but do what you need to do," said Charisse.

Charisse said she remembers the endless days and nights she and her family spent searching for Bellamy in Hampton Roads.

"We just never had that moment when we wanted to give up. But, get some sleep, drink water, pray and continue to use social media," said Charisse. 

She said social media and local news media played a big role in helping her family during the search.

Their determination brought Bellamy's story to the highest state offices. Governor Ralph Northam recently proclaimed July 16th, 2019 as "Bellamy Gamboa Day".

"Now with Bellamy day, it's to recognize her story of the four weeks we were searching. Now her children can live through a heartwarming day, and her legacy will live on. So, in July, it doesn't have to be so somber," she said.

Charisse said their family knows all too well the heartbreak Carver's family may be facing right now, but she hopes the family gets answers soon.