CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVEC) -- Police had to clear out Charlottesville's City Hall on Tuesday after demonstrators disrupted a meeting of the Charlottesville Planning Commission.

The protesters shouted slogans and waved banners in support of DeAndre Harris.

The 20-year-old Suffolk native was seen on video being brutally beaten by white nationalists during August's "Unite the Right" rally, but now police said they are charging him with unlawful wounding.

Police said the alleged victim told the magistrate's office. The magistrate then contacted police, who verified facts and issued the warrant for Harris' arrest.

Harris is not in custody.

"I'm here, because DeAndre was asked to turn himself the into police and we are demanding that the city drop the charges against him," one of the protesters said at Tuesday's meeting.

Police cleared everyone out of city hall, threatening arrests if people did not leave. That effectively brought the meeting to an end.

Two men have been charged with malicious wounding in the attack against Harris, where he was seen bloodied in viral photos and a video of the attack. Both are being held without bond.

The Associated Press contributed to this report