NORFOLK, Va. — Did you see the meteor on Tuesday night?

Dozens of people called, tweeted, Instagrammed and texted our sister station WUSA9 in Washington DC on Tuesday night around 10:55 about a likely meteor that lit up the sky.

"I saw something I'd never seen in all 55 years of my life," one caller, Seth Silver said. "It was red, yellow, and blue and it was going down. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen."

The American Meteor Society said it received 360 reports on Tuesday about a meteor or fireball seen from Vermont to South Carolina.

According to the society, the fireball traveled from north to south and plunged into the Atlantic Ocean in front of Bethany Beach, Delaware.

This is at least the second prominent fireball seen in the area this month. Hundreds reported seeing a meteor early on April 4.

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The American Meteor Society describes this object as a "fireball" due to how bright it appeared in the sky. Fireballs are brighter than a meteor and also brighter than the planet Venus.

If you saw Tuesday's fireball and want to report the sighting, you can visit the American Meteor Society's page on this event

Meteors peak in April. They're pieces of rock that vaporize when they enter the Earth's atmosphere and turn into streaks of light.

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The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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