WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WVEC) -- 13News Now is getting a behind-the-scenes look at Busch Gardens’ annual holiday event known as Christmas Town.

Technical Supervisor Jeremy Wood says it’s a major production that slowly starts in June, becoming an all-hands-on-deck effort by October.

“Crews are working four or five areas of the park at any time,” said Wood.

This year the park will show off 8.3 million lights. There will also be 1,400 fresh-cut trees, 25 miles of cable and 20,000 Christmas ornaments.

One tree, known as the Compass Tree, takes three technicians three weeks to wrap.

“Just shows you how monumental it is,” said Wood.

Christmas Town officially opens the day after Thanksgiving, and it will run through January 1.

Wood says, after that, it takes almost two months to take down all of the displays and get the park back to normal.