WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Busch Gardens’ newest — yet still mysterious — attraction is in the works, and Federal Aviation Administration documents show the park chipping away at the permitting process, according to our partners at Williamsburg-Yorktown Daily.

Busch Gardens has submitted a notice with the FAA to build a 355-foot structure that would reach a peak of 435 feet above sea level, according to the FAA’s obstruction evaluation case management system.

Any structure more than 200 feet above ground level is required to be evaluated by the FAA under the Code of Federal Regulations. Other factors that play into the evaluation are the structure’s proximity to an airport, location, and frequencies emitted from the structure.

Called Project 2021, Busch Gardens first publicly proposed the attraction when it asked the James City County Board of Supervisors for a 355-foot height waiver, which would be required to build the project.

The height waiver was approved in June and is the tallest granted to-date.

Busch Gardens officials have released very few details about the attraction but said the highest point would be a spire shape and about 10-feet-wide at the peak.

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Busch Gardens Williamsburg Fans -- an amusement park and roller coaster enthusiast group -- first published notice about the new filing Tuesday. The project study request was received and entered into the FAA system Monday

As well as the proposed project height above sea level, the filing also gives exact coordinates of the highest peak of the attraction.

The highest peak is located close to some of Verbolten’s outdoor tracks.

To move forward with the project, Busch Gardens will still need to submit site plans before construction begins to ensure it complies with guidelines set by the Board of Supervisors.

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