WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — Casa Pearl is a restaurant in Williamsburg that brings together two different cultures in a unique way.

Husband and wife duo, Mikey and Chelsea Maksimowicz come from different backgrounds, but their shared love of food led them to each other after their careers crossed paths in Washington D.C. 

Chelsea admitted, “he was actually my boss there and we just hit it off from the beginning. We both had a passion for the restaurant industry, so it just turned into something.”

One of their popular menu items is the Oyster Po-Boy taco. It’s a unique blend of both of their favorite foods. Chelsea explained that because her mom is from Central America, she grew up eating a lot of tacos however, Mikey is originally from the Northern Neck and grew up eating seafood.

Their dream of opening their own restaurant became a reality this past year. Casa Pearl opened on December 4, 2018. They knew they wanted a fun and eclectic environment, so the couple transformed an old gas station into what is now their very own restaurant.

Chelsea said some other menu items that are popular are the shrimp toast and fried brussels sprouts.

You can check out the full menu at Casa Pearl's website.