WILLIAMSBURG, Va. — With potential snow headed toward Williamsburg, hardware stores have been busy trying to keep important items in stock.

Ace Hardware said they have sold more ice melt and snow shovels in the last 24 hours than the previous two months combined.

Randa and Rob Synuleski just moved to Williamsburg, they are preparing for their first winter in Virginia.

“So we bought some ice melt that we can put on our deck and front porch and everything so we can prevent ourselves from falling,” said Rob Synuleski.

They say it hasn’t taken long to realize this part of Hampton Roads is sometimes disliked by Mother Nature.

“Since moving here in July we already lost power four times due to the different storms that we had,” said Rob.

So with the potential of snow this weekend, the couple has stocked up on supplies.

“Better safe than sorry we might just get some freezing rain but freezing rain, in my opinion. is worse than snow,” said Randa Synuleski.

Randa said she learned the hard way what can happen if you don’t have a big bag of ice melt.

“Freak accident, I slipped, fell, tried to brace myself, broke my wrists, and that’s about it,” said Randa.

Ace Hardware Assistant manager Mark Lane said shovels and ice melt have been in such high demand they put the displays right outside the front door.

 “From the first of the year it was real slow and now its just picked up as the storms coming,” said Lane. “Between yesterday and today, we have sold 20 plus shovels.”

Lane said they have 50 more shovels in their back-storage room, running out isn’t an option.

 “People come in and grab shovels all the time and I just think people in Williamsburg should already have a shovel,” said Lane.

As for the Synuleski’s they say even if the storm misses them it’s nice to have all the essential items in the garage for next time.

 “Winter has really just started for this area, so I think the worst is yet to come, I think February is going to be a lot worse than it is now,” said Randa.