HAMPTON, Va. (WVEC) --- Peeking through the window of a doll house Friday are eyes you won’t forget.

They are the eyes of a carefree young girl about to turn two years old in November.

Vivian Mallis is all smiles because she’s too young to understand what her body is fighting.

“It’s hard,” said Vivian’s mother Danielle Mallis. “I stare at her and know everything will be okay.”

Danielle learned of her daughter’s diagnosis when the toddler was about to turn one.

“They did a biopsy when they first took her back and found it was stage four, high-risk Neuroblastoma.”

The cancer’s treatment requires the family to travel to the Hampton University Proton Therapy Institute five days a week.

“She has to get sedated every day,” said Danielle. “She can’t move around for it, can’t eat breakfast and can’t drink anything until she’s done.”

But Friday was a little bit different.

There were more smiles, more laughs and more playtime for Vivian with her older brother Christian.

Shortly after we visited Vivian in the center’s playroom, she went with doctors to receive her final proton radiation therapy after two months.

She even got to ring a bell to celebrate the occasion.

“She’s so strong,” said Danielle. “She’s the strongest person I know, and I call her ‘Vivian Jean the Cancer Fighting Machine.’”

If you'd like to donate to help with hospital bills you can visit the family's crowdfunding page.