NORFOLK Va. (WVEC) -- Congress passed a new spending budget, but it doesn't address protection for thousands of young immigrants through the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, DACA.

If DACA expires on March 5th, those people could face deportation.

President Trump has pressed Congress to pass an immigration plan that will eliminate DACA, and build the wall he promised throughout his campaign.

According to the Immigration Attorney, Hugo Valverde, a Federal Court decision put an injunction on the order, but many are on edge not knowing what's next.

“Many of them found themselves asking, what do I do now? Once my DACA expires,” said Valverde. “Under our immigration laws, somebody who came in without inspection cannot apply for their permanent resident status or their green card here in the United States.”

Valverde said DACA recipients must leave the country to apply, which is a scary idea for many.

Valverde said it’s up in the air how long DACA recipients will be protected, but he believes it’ll be looked at again soon.

“Even though it wasn't’t included in this budget deal… that at least congress will consider it,” said Valverde.

“These DACA individuals have jobs, they have families. They’re students. They’re people my age too,” said Old Dominion University student Karen Flores.

She is not a DACA recipient, but she has family members who are in the United States under DACA.

Flores claims she is reaching out Latino leaders together to raise awareness.

“I was like, I know we can do something about this,” she said. “I feel like it’s not fair how they’re just kind of pushing them aside and trying to use them as the deal with the wall. And it’s just not fair how it’s… they’re mixing two things that shouldn't’t be put together.”

Because of the injunction, the administration's March 5th deadline for DACA can't go into effect. So, Valverde said DACA recipients can still renew and apply for DACA applications.