WILLIAMSBURG, Va. (WVEC) -- A major shopping center redevelopment in Williamsburg is getting a boost from the city.

A $50,000 grant is being matched to go towards asbestos removal. It will help the Monticello Shopping Center on Monticello Avenue, the one adjacent to the Williamsburg Shopping Center.

The two properties are being turned into one new retail and residential hub.

It will cost $191,000 to remove the asbestos according to the chairman of the Williamsburg Economic Development Authority Adam Steely.

The $50,000 will come from a state grant intended to promote the restoration and redevelopment of brownfield sites and to address environmental problems.

The extra $50,000 will come from the Williamsburg Economic Development Authority through the city’s Demolition Grant Program.

The remaining $91,000 will come from the developer, Broad Street Reality, as part of their larger plan to develop the 25-acre area into a vertical mixed use urban center with restaurants & retail on the ground floor and apartments above.

Asbestos removal should start sometime in the next 90 days.