NORFOLK, Va. — A major storm worked its way through Hampton Roads overnight, leaving many waking up to find themselves in the dark Monday morning.

As of 11 a.m., approximately 9,500 customers in the area were still without power. About 24,000 customers were without power earlier in the morning.

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A spokesperson with Dominion Energy said the majority of outages were caused by downed trees and branches. He said there isn't an estimate, at this time, when all power will be restored. Crews are still working to assess the damage.

One homeowner, Troy Thorn considers himself lucky that his home appears to only have damage to the outside of it after a tree collapsed onto the roof.

"I open the door and a tree is staring at me," said Thorn. "Driving through the neighborhood, you see a tree like this, it doesn't look good."

For Thorn, it's the second time he's had to saw apart some of the same tree. During a different storm, half of it blew over in the opposite direction.

"We're lucky. I think in that way, that the whole tree wasn't together because it probably would've caused more damage."

Tonight, families are trying to figure out where to go from here.

Robert and Dorothy Parrott live on Magruder Avenue in James City County. They were in bed Sunday night when one of their cell phones with off with a weather alert. The Parrott’s said seconds later that’s when the storm hits their home.

“I heard rocks hitting the window and the ceiling collapsed,” Dorothy Parrott said.

The tree just missed them by a few inches. The Parrott’s said their grandson was in the other room. The damage was so bad, they had to climb out of the window just to get out.

“The rain was so cold and windy felt like someone threw a bucket of water on us,” Robert Parrott said.

“God is so good because if the phone wouldn't have gone off the tree would have fell on me,” Dorothy Parrott said.

Just around the corner at the Heritage Mobile Home Village, a tree came piercing through Josue Aquino's home, and into his kid's bedroom.

“Thank God because it could have been worse,” Aquino said.

Families are wiping away tears and holding each other a little bit tighter tonight, because they know the outcome could have been much different.

“There is a God, there is a God,” Dorothy Parrott said. “We here, He didn't bring us through for nothing.”

Some of the outages in Norfolk were caused by an HRT bus crashing into a power pole around 6 a.m. The driver suffered non-life threatening injuries, and no one else was on board at the time.

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