YORK COUNTY, Va. (WVEC) -- A school zone shuffle may be on the way in York County.

Right now, officials are considering changing the boundaries for elementary school students, and the shift could happen as soon as next year.

That's because some elementary schools in the county are reaching capacity.

There's been an increase in the number of students at the elementary schools over the last several years.

The school board hopes to balance enrollment across the 10 existing elementary schools.

Right now, there is a committee made up of parents and school staff who are reviewing different options to adjust the school zones.

There are four different scenarios, each plan specifying the different changes and neighborhoods affected.

Five elementary schools had enrollments last year that exceeded instructional capacity.

Enrollment is projected to go up in eight of the 10 elementary schools next school year.

Amy Williams' son is a 5th grader at Dare Elementary school. Her daughter also went to Dare.

“I know over-crowdedness is a problem,” Williams says. “However, the county needs to stop adding to the housing population when you don't have the schools to support the children.”

You can look at the complete Redistricting Presentation, plus see when the School Board will make their final decision here.