YORKTOWN, Va. — In a world where everything seems to be captured on camera, why wouldn't law enforcement capitalize on that?

The York-Poquoson Sheriff's Office is reaching out to residents encouraging them to register their home and business surveillance cameras. Deputies said it will help solve crime faster.

"We're talking about any kind of surveillance camera, whether it be a RING doorbell or other security-type cameras that people may have on their houses or businesses," Sheriff J.D. 'Danny' Diggs said.

The initiative is running under a program called SHIELD, and it's creating a database of all the privately-owned cameras in the city and county.

So, if a crime happens on Maple Street, deputies can look into the database and see which houses or businesses in that area have cameras, which may have captured the crime or other evidence.

"We'll pick up the phone and say 'Hey, you may have something -- can you check your video?'" the sheriff said.

He wanted to make it very clear, though, that registering your camera does not give the sheriff's office any sort of direct access to the camera feed or its recordings.

'We don't have the technology to do that," Sheriff Diggs said. "We don't want to access anybody's stuff without their permission."

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He insists it is not a 'big brother' situation. Rather, it's a way to help deputies share and gather information and ultimately solve cases.

To register a camera, visit the sheriff's office website here.

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