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Making healthy donuts on National Donut Day

Nutritionist and author, Sara Vance, stopped by Morning Extra to show the crew that donuts don't always have to be bad for you.

SAN DIEGO — National Donut Day means people will be chowing down on those deep-fried treats which will be followed by a sugar crash. What if that didn’t have to happen after eating sugary treats? Nutritionist Sara Vance dropped by the show to teach how it is possible to make healthy donuts.

Some of her tips can be found here:

  • Less sugar.  While there is a little maple syrup in them, most of the sugars can be replaced with organic Stevia blend - called Pyure. I know some people avoid stevia because it can be a little bitter, but I have found this brand to be really good. So by doing this I have cut more than half of the sugar out of a regular donut!
  • Gluten & grain free. A lot of people are finding they feel better when they don't eat gluten. These go one step further - they are grain free too. I use 2 kinds of flour in these - almond flour, which a lot of people are familiar with - it is nutrient dense and also will not spike your blood sugar as much as refined grains. I also use a flour from something called tiger nuts. Tiger nuts are a unique food - it is not a nut, but it is a tuber that looks like a nut. Tiger nuts are rich in something called resistant starch - which is a prebiotic (feeds the good gut bugs) and gives us longer lasting energy, and so much more! So these are really upgraded from regular donuts in this regard.
  • Healthy Fats. They do not contain any trans fats or bad fats - which a lot of donuts have. They are also baked, not fried like most donuts. These donuts are made with coconut oil, which is a healthy fat which supports a healthy metabolism. Coconut oil is high in medium chain fatty acids which are converted to energy very quickly, and so they are less likely to get stored as fat. It is also antibacterial, and antiviral. 
  • Healthy Frosting! This frosting is a big upgrade to regular store-bought frosting. It is made with a coconut product - called coconut manna, which is the coconut flesh and coconut oil blended together - so it is creamy and delicious, the perfect ingredient to make frosting out of! It has a little bit of maple syrup, but most of the sweetness comes from the Pyure. Your average canned frosting will have more than 4 teaspoons of sugar in a serving, and contains trans fats, corn syrup, and preservatives. This is a really upgraded option - less than 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in each serving.
  • Raw Cacao - the chocolate ones contain raw cacao, which is what makes dark chocolate good for us - it is high in antioxidants, magnesium, and has many health benefits - including improving our brain function and lowering our heart attack & stroke risk!
  • Real lemon. No artificial flavors or colors in these donuts - they are made with real lemon, and no artificial colors.
  • They are homemade. Whenever you can make something yourself, it is going to have fewer ingredients in it that you can't pronounce - plus you can make it with love.